Frequently Asked Questions
Q: We are a clothing manufacturer. Can we directly purchase the products?
A: No problem. We are selling our products to manufacturers. Please contact us.
Q: I am concerned about adopting a new product.
Would you tell us about the sales history and if there have been problems in quality, delivery, or manufacturing of BBwaffle®?
A: BBwaffle® was developed in April 2003, and since then, it has been used 1,200,000 meters a year by reputable manufacturers. Up to now, we have not had any problems in the quality and delivery.
Q: When were the industrial properties such as patents obtained?
A: We made application in 2003, and obtained the rights in 2004, in the order of registered trademark, design, and patent.
We also obtained patent rights in Hong Kong and China in 2008.
Q: What is the meaning of the name "BBwaffle"?

A: BB is an abbreviation for "Bound Band", which means a band with the characteristic to rebound to its original shape due to the regularly repeated waffle shaped convex.
Q: What is the range of sizes of Waffle Adjuster?
A: We have mass production facilities. The provided sizes are only 15 mm and 20 mm width.
* If we receive a request, we will consider the production of other sizes.
Q: We are a sewing company. Can we directly purchase the products?
A: Of course you can. Please contact us.
Q: Does the convex part (bulky part) of BBwaffle® come off?
A: The convex part is woven in a looped structure, so it does not come off.
Q: I would like pajamas that use BBwaffle®. Where can I purchase one?
A: For our distributor, see this page.
Or you can contact us. We will inform you of the distributors.
Q: I wear pajamas that is adjustable with buttons in the waist, and the elastic is turned over every time I take it off. I really feel uncomfortable about it. Is it true that does not happen with the waffle adjuster?
A: Button adjustable elastic have holes like perforations in the middle, which make the elastic fold and turn over. The waffle adjuster does not have perforations, and in addition, the waffle shaped convex prevent folding and turning over (patented). Please try our product.
Q: A button adjustable maternity pajamas I have feels tight even after adjusting with the buttons. Why does that happen?
A: Button adjustable elastic are more likely to be folded or turned over if their elasticity and softness increases. Consequently, stronger elastic must be used and make tightness even after adjusting.
The waffle adjuster has high elasticity and softness, allows adjustment (patented), and does not make tightness. Please try our product.
Q: We make pajamas using two thin elastic, which are complained of turning over by our customers. If we modify the design and use your BBwaffle®, will the problem be solved?
A: We recommend BBwaffle® narrow type 9 mm or type 15 mm. Please try our product.
Q: For what kind of products in general is BBwaffle® used?

A: BBwaffle® can be used for all cloth that use waist elastic.
Currently the major use is for pajamas, but it could be used for leggings, sweat pants, etc. in the future. And we would like to promote the waffle adjuster as material for maternity wear.
Q: We make slacks for women. Soft elastic products are not strong enough to be used for slacks, as the fabrics for slacks are thicker than pajamas.
A: We recommend BBwaffle® hard type, which we have developed for thicker fabrics like that for slacks. The products have been used for more than two years and is reliable enough.

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